About Anne F. Kennedy, President & Co-founder

Anne Kennedy is an international author and speaker on global digital marketing and counselor to worldwide Internet brands. A serial entrepreneur, she moved online after decades in advertising and public relations stretching all the way back to mid-century MadMen days, founding pioneer digital marketing agency Beyond Ink in 1997. There she and her team counseled hundreds of emerging and established companies -- including Hearst Newspapers, Philips Lifeline, and Dunkin Donuts, and launched dot-coms Zillow, Jib-Jab and Avvo online, and along the way contributed to the fast-moving development of the nascent digital marketing industry.

She then formed the largest worldwide consortium for multi-national multi-lingual digital marketing and co-authored the first book on international digital marketing, Global Search Engine Marketing (Pearson Que Biz Tech March 2012).

Anne was a founding member of the board of directors for Helium.com, acquired by publishing giant R.R. Donnelly in 2011 and now the RDD Content Source. She writes and speaks on digital marketing and entrepreneurship all over the world, leads industry groups and served for five years as advisor to the Search Engine Strategies Conferences, and two terms on TechMaine.

A team fire-starter, Anne reduces issues to core and clear concerns and determines effective solutions, bringing leadership, focus and direction to companies and business associations.


Anne F Kennedy, President Outlines Venture Group

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