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Lean Holiday Giving for Startups

Posted by: Gillian Muessig & Anne Kennedy on Wednesday, December 21, 2016
what holiday gifts fit an early stage startup?

It’s that time of year when founders think about how to reward our teams with some kind of seasonal gift and recognition. You know – the Season of Giving. Recognize a year of hard work on the part of your team. Acknowledgement and gratitude should be a daily activity for everyone, from CEOs to new team members. But at this time of year particularly, we need to focus on gratitude for others. Focusing on how to rewards others – especially those who have worked so hard to make our dream company come true this past year, is a critical task for December.

Hmm . . . Parties. Bonuses. Gift cards… the imagination reels… but wait! What if your startup is lean, as in “we have NO CASH?!” Of course you need to be creative. Let’s break it down to get some answers for startup founders.