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Guidance for expansion, business process optimization, marketing, and other issues slowing success

Most CEO’s have the answers, but need to ask better questions to surface solutions they seek. Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy consult with mid-stage companies to move logjams on their paths to optimal financial success, including managing hyper-growth, founder splits, taking advantage of quickly shifting business landscapes, expanding internationally or making pivots . Whatever the issue that stalls growth, Outlines brings clarity and perspective so CEO’s can make informed decisions about issues such as:

Large ideas, competitive landscape reports, projections and funding -- Anne and Gillian treat engagement like a new company, applying Outlines replicable review, investment, and acceleration model and reviewing it as they would any start up looking for investment. it must pass all the tests of a potentially successful tech startup. The rigor engaged now will enable you to build a sustainable, highly profitable business moving forward.

Current issues - For example, gross income vs gross margin. Revenue projections. Expanding your management team. Determining your best path to near-stage cash. Pivoting to new markets and setting go-to-market strategy. Often Gillian and Anne are able to make immediate changes to improve the ROI of your current efforts.

Process review – Outlines looks at your current services or products and invoicing to see where 'low hanging fruit' improvements are just waiting to be made. The more quickly you increase your gross and net earnings, the more quickly you will see ROI from this endeavor.

Outline’s process is set up to dig into employee issues, corporate culture, and management to improve your work environment. If it keeps you up at night, Gillian and Anne will cover it.

Minimum engagement $20,000

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