Keynote Speakers Worldwide

  Gillian and Anne have presented keynotes, and served on panels from Reykjavik to Manila, Barcelona, to San Paulo. Gillian has delivered keynotes in 50 cities over 38 countries…and counting. They get around!

  Weaving personal experience with corporate experience and to engender deep understanding of the relevance     and application of business insights, Gillian and Anne are masters at commanding attention, carrying the room,   and sending people with a clear understanding of how to apply hard-earned knowledge in their own work.

      Testimonials from hundreds of audience members attest to the long term value of a keynote by these two         powerhouse   speakers.

    "We’re always eager to hit the road, engage and challenge new audiences to be more than business owners or   employees – but to   part of the community of people who are building better ways to live and work together on planet Earth."

  If you’re looking to fire your audience to play at the top of their game, contact us. Our bags are always packed   and we’re always eager to be on the road.  




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