The world’s first algorithm-driven, scalable review, rating and booking site for travelers with disabilities, brettapproved contains accessibility-focused reviews and tips for optimizing your experience at hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues around the world.

 Expert Beacon

ExpertBeacon provides clear, concise advise for life’s challenges. Available in desktop and mobile platforms, ExpertBeacon is your first stop to get connected with information and the right professional immediately, whenever life throws you a curveball.

 Social Agent

Social Agent is the place to find expert salespeople in China and for China-resident sales people to find projects and companies they want to work with. China is a complex market. Reduce your risks and costs; take a Social Agent with you.

Slow Pho

SloPho enables brand to engage with current customers on an easy to use platform where they can launch games, contests, quizzes, and surveys. Consumers get discounts, free samples, treats, and street creds by engaging in contests solo or in groups. Brands get deep insights into their customers.

Spiral Genetics

Spiral Genetics is sequencing whole human and plant genomes with unparalleled accuracy. Learn more at sprialgenetics.com.


 A SYNQY enables brands to communicate with and sell to buyers across thousands of retail and reseller sites they don’t own. A SYNQY is like a window into brand content so buyers can easily see the content designed to inspire and move people to action on the seller’s own site, without having to leave the host (ie: blog) website

 Trip Me

 Trip.me is disrupting the multi-billion dollar custom tour travel market by cutting out middlemen and connecting travelers directly with tour designers in destination countries. Traveling with trip.me moves custom tour travel from the realm of the rich and famous to the reach of everyone. By designing customized travel experience with a certified Destination Expert / Tour Designer, travelers save money and more travel dollars support local economies of the destination countries.